SafeGuard Releases Hybrid Carrier

SafeGuard body armor

More than three years in research and development, the Hybrid® Carrier is a product of SafeGuard Armor’s program for radical innovation.

Distinguished for its development of progressive technology, Safeguard Armor is committed to continuing to move the frontier of body armor for the protection of military operatives, law enforcement and security agents, civilians, and media personnel. The result, is an industry-defining combination of strength, light-weight and flexibility. Sheets of Kevlar® ballistic material are light and flexible, providing ultimate comfort for the end-user. This breakthrough was made possible by major innovations in two main areas: design and fit.

The new cutting-edge materials and technology of Safeguard’s Hybrid™ Carrier vest put it at the forefront of concealable body armor. New 3D Spacer mesh allows for better heat transfer and keeping the wearer cool in warm climates and weather. This new technology provides exceptional fit and comfort even in extreme terrain.

In developing the Hybrid™ body armor vest, SafeGuard engineers tested different materials to find the best choice for the needs of security, law enforcement and military operatives. These tests produced a versatile vest with a 4-point adjustable system and 3D spacer mesh for exceptional lightweight properties. The Hybrid™ vest is superbly designed to offer:

  • Extraordinary effectiveness against fragmentation
  • Multi-hit performance exceeding protocol
  • Special threat performance also beyond standard protocol
  • Superbly efficient absorption of energy
  • NIJ 0101.06 compliant

The Hybrid™ Carrier offers high-performance ballistic protection for Level II or IIIA firearms, edged blade level I or II weapons and spike level I or II, integrated in a fully functional and scalable design to meet the strategic needs of your specific mission.

The new Hybrid™ personal protection armor vest is designed to give security operatives, law enforcement and military operatives more mobility and make it easier to operate in any environment.


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