Saddle River Request New Fire Equipment

The Saddle River Fire Department (NJ) is in need of some new equipment, Borough Administrator and Fire Department Safety Officer Chuck Cuccia said at the Aug. 19 Mayor and Council meeting.

Cuccia, along with the department chief, Kenneth Warr Jr. and Fire Marshal Rich Silvia, asked the Mayor and Council for guidance in hopefully purchasing $160,000 worth of equipment.

Cuccia said that the department has held cash reserves for the purchasing of equipment over the years and has enough to cover the costs, but asked that the council consider assisting the department through a donation program for certain items, as residents often approach the department asking to donate a piece of equipment.

The department is in need of 15 sets of replacement gear, as Cuccia said that has a life of 10 years and the department is coming up on that timeframe with its current gear and “in some cases has gone over.”

SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) cylinders are another request as the department doesn’t have spares, Cuccia said. Because of this, when fire fighters are operating in a fire, they have to call in a cascade system and have the cylinders refilled quickly. It would be “much more efficient” to have additional spares, Cuccia said.

The department is also requesting an upgrade for its radio communications, as Cuccia explained that there’s an issue with Upper Saddle River utilizing the dispatch frequency as its operating frequency, which doesn’t allow Saddle River to operate efficiently when at a fire or emergency, he said.

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