Rutland (VT) Needs New Fire Truck After Busiest Engine Fails

Engine 3, a 17-year-old fire truck, was out of service and was most likely damaged beyond repair.

The chief of the Rutland (VT) Fire Department recently told his aldermen the city’s most used 17-year-old fire truck was out of service and was most likely damaged beyond repair, according to a report published by the Rutland Herald.

At the moment, the rest of the city’s fire fleet appears to be in good, useable condition, but an aging aerial might need to be replaced sooner than expected as well, according to the newspaper report.

The fire chief told the city aldermen that road salt for winter treatment and general road conditions take tolls on fire apparatus causing premature failures, the newspaper reported.

Rutland’s Public Safety Committee will meet to look at options for replacement of the engine, which could cost in the neighborhood of $630,000, the paper reported.

Until the city figures out what it wants to do about the down engine, it will rely on neighboring communities for apparatus coverage, the Herald reported.

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