Russell City (KS) City Council Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The purchase of a brand new 2014 pumper fire truck for the Russell Fire Department was approved by the Russell City Council.

Currently two of the city’s five fire engines are out of service in need of serious repair. City Manager Jon Quinday explained to the Council that the city’s equipment improvement plan for the next five years had detailed the various needed purchases of fire engines and other equipment over that time, but because of the severe state of disrepair for Engine 1, a 1980 model, and Engine 2, a 1964 model, a purchase of at least one new truck would need to be moved ahead of schedule.

The Council approved that recommendation unanimously, but did briefly discuss the possibility of looking at a used or refurbished model to replace Engine 1 if the grant is unsuccessful. Quinday said no money for the purchase of the new truck will need to be borrowed as all the funds will be taken out of current reserves.

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