Rupert ID to Purchase Fire Apparatus

The Rupert (ID) City Council has granted permission to lease a $192,000 fire truck with the option to buy.

The truck is a 2009 Peterbilt and would replace the department’s aging 1977 La France.

Chief Roger Davis found the fire truck at Hughes Fire Equipment in Meridian. It has 14,000 miles on it and has 400 hours of use. The truck still has a significant warranty on it and has warranties on various other parts. It has a 1,000 gallon tank as opposed to only 500 gallons on the La France. Originally a demonstration fire truck, fire departments in Washington and Colorado used the truck at one point.

The fire department sends much of its aging equipment to the Care Convoy in Central America.

The city is hopeful that providing permission ahead of time to its department heads to purchase items will snag a good deal when found. In the past the city has set aside money for items then had department heads ask for permission to purchase the items. In the meantime, the city lost the deal to another entity.

Davis plans to venture to Salt Lake to look at the truck and will take fire fighter Bob Rushman, Fire Apparatus officer with him.

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