Runaway San Antonio (TX) Fire Truck Slams into House

A runaway fire truck in San Antonio traveled a block crashing into a car, a utility pole, fence and a house.
Photo via KSAT 12’s YouTube page

A house suffered damage after a runaway San Antonio (TX) fire truck rolled down a street, crashing into a car, utility pole, and a fence before it stopped against the house, according to report published by KSAT television station.

The station reported the truck was parked on the street near the fire station when it started to roll away with firefighters chasing after it. It happened on Stafford Street near Fire Station 5.

The truck rolled for a block with the firefighters in hot pursuit before it slammed into the house at the intersection of Benton and Stafford streets, according to KSAT.

What caused the fire truck to roll away is under investigation, the station reported.

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