Rugby (TN) Receives Donated Truck from the Commack (NY) Fire Department

The Clear Fork Volunteer Fire Department recently received good news from up north in its search for a new truck.

According to a report from WBIR, the small Morgan County, Tennessee, community of Rugby is now in better hands after receiving a new donated fire truck from the Commack (NY) Fire Department (CFD).

Rugby is small, quiet town which was in need of a new apparatus. Its fire department, the Clear Fork Volunteer Fire Department (CFVFD) recently received from good news regarding its search.

The truck was given as a gift by the CFD. CFVFD Deputy Chief Steve Dunschee, a retired New Hampshire firefighter, reached out to his friends up north for help to help find a replacement for its truck, which was around 50 years old.

CFVFD Chief Gerald Hanwright admitted the new truck was a “big boost” for the community.

The truck was on standby during the events of 9/11; the CFD is located just 44 miles from Ground Zero. It should be ready to roll out for service in the coming weeks.

With this gift, the CFVFD can now offer mutual aid and keep this historic community safer as firefighters help save lives.

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