Rubberneckers Swideswipe New Zealand Fire Apparatus

A New Orleans fire crew had pulled over to the side of a road when a car that was rubbernecking hit the vehicle.

Ruakaka Fire Brigade station officer Jeff D’Ath said the crews drove along the road but could not find any fire and gathered on the side of the state highway to discuss their next move. “There were three fire appliances and a fire service ute all with the lights on while we considered the situation,” Mr D’Ath said.

“As a driver came past they were so busy rubbernecking at us the next thing they had hit the side of the appliance and smashed off their side mirror … and they just kept going.”

Mr D’Ath said a few of the volunteers jumped in a fire truck and followed the car north along the road for about 500 metres until the driver pulled over.

A woman got out of the driver’s seat and was very apologetic.

She said she was intending to stop but had to find a suitable place on the side of the road.

It turned out she was a 25-year-old tourist from Spain and had just arrived in New Zealand with her partner, who was in the passenger’s seat.

Mr D’Ath said it highlighted the dangers of rubbernecking and the story could have had a tragic end if a volunteer had been climbing out of the fire truck cab at the time.

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