Rosenbauer to Build Fire Apparatus for Brazil, Saudi Arabia

The Rosenbauer Group has been recently retained to supply emergency response vehicles to both Brazil and Saudi Arabia, according to a report from The Chisago County Press.

Brazil has embarked on a large project to upgrade and modernize airports in the country in an effort to prepare for the World Cup of Soccer and the Olympics. These large international events prompted the country to approach Rosenbauer about manufacturing 80 vehicles, which at the time was the largest order given to the company.

The report indicates that Saudi Arabia followed Brazil by signing a contract with the company to manufacture a supply of firefighting vehicles valued at approximately $320 million which includes 1,125 vehicles to be manufactured in Chisago County, Wyoming, but also at Rosenbauer plants in Austria, Germany and Spain. The facility in Wyoming is set to build 350 chassis and the sister plant in South Dakota will build 500 vehicle bodies.

Read more about this record-breaking order for Rosenbauer HERE.

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