Rosenbauer Produces 1000th PANTHER

To mark the production of Rosenbauer’s 1,000th PANTHER, three trucks are to be ceremonially handed over to the Stansted-London, Düsseldorf and New Doha International airports. The vehicles in question consist of a PANTHER 6×6, a PANTHER 8×8 with short wheelbase, and a PANTHER 8×8.

The PANTHER series incorporates trucks with two-, three-, and four-axle chassis, permanent all-wheel drive, engine capacities of 500 to 1,260 hp and tanks with volumes of 6,000 to19,000 liters. A difference of four meters and over 30 ton exists between the PANTHER 4×4 ATA, which is the smallest version and suitable for air transport, and the PANTHER 8×8 CA7 with long wheelbase, which is the biggest model. However, irrespective of their dimensions, every PANTHER meets the most important standards and safety regulations for ARFFs, above all those of the ICAO (International), FAA (USA), ADV (Germany), and NFPA (USA and US-influenced states).

PANTHER units feature a sizable extinguishing agent payload, high extinguishing performance and efficiency, and optimized handling. To date, the Rosenbauer flagship fire truck is in 81 countries and with over 1,000 models sold is by far the most frequently employed ARFF at international airports. The top ten markets for the PANTHER are India, USA, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Germany, China, Great Britain, Japan, and Spain.

The PANTHER is a fully integrated, mobile, high-end pumper with outstanding performance data in what, for a fire truck, is breathtaking design. It was the world’s first fire industry vehicle to be developed in conjunction with designers and has been awarded numerous prizes.

Top quality chassis components such as a torque-resistant box frame with individual axle suspension, helical springs and single tires, as well as a low center of gravity lend the PANTHER its exceptional handling characteristics. The vehicle achieves the very highest acceleration by means of a powerful engine, fully automatic power shift transmission and permanent all-wheel drive, and is also fast and safe when off road.

The extinguishing systems can be operated with one hand from the driver’s cab and the roof and front turrets offer output of up to 10,000 l/min and a throw range of as much as 90m. In addition, the STINGER HRET allows the precise application of extinguishing media from a safe distance. For example, the nozzle at the tip of the turret arm can be brought right up to a burning engine and the STINGER can also be fitted with an extinguishing lance that is able to penetrate the fuselage of an aircraft and spread extinguishing media throughout its interior (1,000 l/min)

An important event for the future took place during this May with the signing of a supply contract with Volvo Penta. In the coming years, the Swedish truck manufacturer is to supply engines for the PANTHER series. The engines in question are 16-liter diesels, which among other features meet the Euro-5 emission standard. This agreement represents a considerable expansion of an existing cooperation. To date, Rosenbauer has built municipal and industrial fire trucks on Volvo chassis, but now the engines for the company’s premium class vehicles are also to come from the Swedish giant.

In 2005, the first Newcastle vehicle opened the door to the stationing of numerous additional PANTHERs in the UK, even though its purple livery failed to catch on. Meanwhile, Heathrow und Stansted-London have also opted for the PANTHER and the latter is to receive a total of six PANTHER 6×6 CA5 trucks with disk brakes and rear axle control. One of these vehicles will represent the 1,000th jubilee handover.

Düsseldorf Airport received its first PANTHER in 1995 and since then has put a further six into operation. A PANTHER 8×8 with a short wheelbase will be the 999th of its type to be supplied by Rosenbauer and another two are to follow, which will greatly boost the capacity of the Düsseldorf ICAO fire service.

The third jubilee vehicle is the PANTHER bearing the production number “1001”, which is redolent of the Middle East and is actually going to the New Doha International Airport. This entirely new transport hub is currently in the construction phase and is to be safeguarded by twenty Rosenbauer fire trucks, including four PANTHER 4×4 and eight PANTHER 8×8 units.

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