Rosenbauer E8000/E3000 Rescue Staircase for Frankfurt Airport

During the past three years, Rosenbauer has supplied rescue staircases to the German airports in Munich, Berlin and Leipzig. Now this specially developed firefighting technology has also been put into operation at Frankfurt am Main, Europe’s third largest airport, with its specially trained fire service – an integral part of its safety strategy drawing on sixty years of experience.

Germany’s largest airport continues to expand and this growth has resulted in a corresponding increase in the demands made upon its technical and safety systems. As an integral part of the latter, the airport fire service’s acquisition of the E8000 / E3000 rescue staircase constitutes a major contribution to meeting these requirements.

Since the beginning of 2010, the airport fire service has been part of the FBA Business Area (Flight and Terminal Operations, Expansion) of the airport operator, Fraport AG, and has three fire watches in the airport complex. Some 200 men and women are on daily safety duty at the airport fire service and in-depth training and regular follow-up courses serve to keep them at maximum readiness. A Fire Service Training Center (FTC) with fire simulation equipment was created for precisely this purpose and has become an internationally recognized competence center for airport fire safety.

The rescue staircase represents a special technical development for the rapid evacuation of aircraft passengers. Conversely, it also provides the rescue services (fire, rescue, paramedics) with safe access to the plane cabin. The rescue staircase, which is built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, is suitable for all standard types of aircraft and can operate at heights of up to 8.30m.

With a width of 3,050 mm and a load-bearing capacity of 320 kg/m², the upper rescue platform furnishes the ideal prerequisites for rapid plane entry and exit. The high-performance hydraulics of the vehicle ensure that the main staircase can be run out from the storage position to its maximum height in roughly 50 seconds and is thus ready for action in no time at all. A height level control system (HLCS) can be employed for the pre-programming of the door heights of various aircraft types, which also allows an automatic approach during operations.

The main consideration during the development of the new rescue staircase was safety during a plane evacuation. The width and depth of the steps (1,500 mm / 390 mm) were so selected as to allow three people to descend abreast and in comfort. In addition, whatever the angle, the stairs remain in a horizontal position and are also brightly lit for a danger-free descent. Closed sidewalls surmounted by a handrail running from top to bottom serve to further enhance the feeling of security.

About The Rosenbauer Group

The Rosenbauer Group is a world leader in manufacturing firefighting and disaster protection vehicles for airports and industry. Rosenbauer employs some 2,050 employees and produces an extensive range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials in line with both European and US standards, a comprehensive selection of airport and industrial vehicles, the latest extinguishing systems and special fire service equipment.

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