Rosenbauer Begins Delivery of Specialized Pumpers to Turkey

Rosenbauer has begun delivery of 45 specialized pumpers to Istanbul, Turkey, through a cooperative effort with specialty chassis builder DMK International LC of Macomb, Mich.

Built on DMK’s massive General Purpose Vehicles (GPV) 6x6x6 all-wheel-drive and all-wheel-steer chassis, the 45 units are designed to navigate over large vertical obstacles, as well as extremely steep approach and departure angles that are common in the aftermath of natural disasters.

With fully adjustable and controllable suspensions, the GPV chassis fills the broad void between the conventional fire apparatus and airport rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicles. While the pumpers will be used for everyday fire and rescue responses, Rosenbauer said the geologic instability in and around Istanbul mandates that first responders be prepared for events like earthquakes, floods and brush fires, when streets are impassible and off-road access is limited.

The vehicles are equipped with Rosenbauer NH series normal/high-pressure pumps, Rosenbauer Digidos electronic foam proportioning systems with on-board Class A and Class B foam tanks, 660-gallon water tanks, touch pad pump panel controls with electronic wireless-controlled deck guns and 3,000-watt light towers.

Once in-service, the pumpers will be stationed throughout the Istanbul metropolitan region protecting more than 12 million residents in an area slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut.

For information call 605-543-5591 or go to

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