Rome (NY) Fire Department Orders Two Sutphen Apparatus

When in Rome, purchase two new Sutphen fire apparatus—well, that’s what the Rome (NY) Fire Department did at least, reports

Department officials say they’ve ordered a new ladder truck and a new mainline pumper, both of which will take more than a year to build, the report says.

The tower truck will feature a 100-foot ladder and cost about $1.4 million; it will take 18 months to build. It will replace a 16-year-old tower, which will be moved to reserve status, the report says.

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The engine will hold 1,000 gallons of water and pump 1,500 gallons per minute and will cost about $640,000; it will take about 14 months to build. Officials say it will replace a 14-year-old engine that was seeing recurring problems but will be moved to reserve status.

The money for the trucks will come out of the city’s COVID-19 government relief funds.

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