Rogers Executive Airport Adds Fire Apparatus

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The Rogers Executive Airport has a new fire engine that cost $750,000. Rogers fire chief Tom Jenkins said the engine is going to make a big difference in fighting a potential aircraft fire.

“This apparatus is designed to pump nearly 2,000 gallons of water and foam and a special dry chemical agent to suppress fires that may result from aircraft fuel,” Jenkins said.

He said even more important, the engine can pump water and foam while still being mobile. The engine can off-road, climb hills up to 30 degrees and get up to speeds of 75 mph.

“This is not your normal fire truck,” Jenkins said. “This is a fire truck specifically designed for the types of emergencies that we can encounter at our airport here in Rogers.”

Airport manager David Krutsch said the new engine is definitely an upgrade from their old equipment.

“Going from our 1990 model ARF unit to our new modern sophisticated unit represents a quantum leap in our capabilities,” Krutsch said.

He said the airport sees around 120 flights a day and around 75,000 travelers a year. The engine will be housed at Station 3, located next to the control tower at Rogers Executive Airport.

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