Rockford (IL) Department to Lease Apparatus

ROCKFORD, IL – The City of Rockford has taken a big step toward updating its apparatus fleet with an aggressive leasing plan.

The city approved leasing four trucks, each costing $350,961.75 per year for seven years with payments starting in 2013, according to the Rockford Register Star. The city hopes to then lease an additional 114 vehicles throughout the year. The ultimate goal is to reduce the city’s 590-vehicle fleet by 20 percent and for the fleet to consist almost entirely of leased vehicles.

Although the plan is expected to cost $4.1 million per year, the city hopes to save at least $1.1 million in annual maintenance costs. Estimates to bring the fleet up to industry standards by buying new vehicles was approximately $20.3 million in 2010.

The first four vehicles slated for replacement include a 1976 Mack Pircsh quint and a 1996 Pierce quint, both of which are out of service, as well as a 1998 reserve Pierce quint, and a front-line 1991 E-ONE. The 1976 Mack and 1996 Pierce quints failed aerial testing, and the motor failed on one of the units.

The city will apply a $200,000 state grant toward the price of the vehicles and finance the rest under its selected leasing program.

For more information, click HERE or view the video below.

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