Rock Creek Fire District Receives Truck from Utah Air Force Base

On January 30, the department received a phone call from Hill Air Force Base asking if they needed a 2003 ladder truck.

According to a report from KMVT, the Rock Creek Fire District (RCFD) in Kimberly, Utah, received new fire truck courtesy of the Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah.

About two years ago, the RCFD added its name to a list with the Hill Air Force Base in case they had a fire truck they needed to repurpose. On Saturday, 30, the RCFD received a phone call asking if they had interest in a 2003 ladder truck. The truck is worth $1.3 million.

RCFD officials then drove to the base to see it for themselves; they drove it back to the station the very same day.

This move is part of a program created by Hill to help fire departments that may not be able to buy a truck on their own but are in need of one.

RCFD Chief Aaron Zent said he expects the truck to provide 20 years of service for the department. He also said the truck provides the pump capabilities they sorely needed as well as lighting and water options they also didn’t have.

It will take six months of training before the fire district is able to use the truck. The only cost to the RCFD was the gas it took to drive the truck back to the station.

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