Rochester (NY) Fire Apparatus Crashes Through Yard, Totals Car

A Rochester fire truck crashed through a front lawn and plowed into the family car.

Homeowners said it happened around 6 a.m. They were told by authorities a fire truck attempted to turn from Child Street onto Danforth Street, but slid on the icy road and crashed into a car in the driveway.

“All they kept saying was sorry, and they said it was bad out here and they said the last days of winter got to them. It’s terrifying but I look at it like it could have worse. Me and my kids could have been in the car and we could have been gone. So I’m smiling, rejoicing to God, thanking him that I was not in this car,” said homeowner Candice Dantzler.

Dantzler was told the fire department will reimburse her for the cost of the car.

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