Rochester (MN) Receives New Fire Apparatus

The Rochester International Airport added a new $852,000 fire and rescue truck to its fleet this week.

The Oshkosh Global Striker arrived at the airport on Monday. The five-person emergency team is training with it, said Airport Fire Chief and Maintenance Supervisor Troy Reed. They hope to have it ready for use in two weeks.

Reed said one advantage of Global Striker is can carry four kinds of fire fighting agents — 1,500 gallons of water, foam, dry chemicals and a gaseous material — at once. The previous truck could only carry two, while assisting vehicles carried the other types.

This vehicle, made in Appleton (WI) features large tires to give it off-road capabilities.

“This is a big upgrade in technology for us,” he said.

The airport team can use it to handle emergencies and fires involving airplanes, vehicles and buildings. Reed added that the airport firefighters work closely with the City of Rochester Fire Department, which provides back-up for the airport.

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