Road Expansion Necessitates Tearing Down Oviedo Fire Station

Firefighters will soon move from Oviedo Fire Station 2 to make way for the State Road 434 expansion.

However, firefighters do not know where they will work when their building is gone.

“They’ve got a tight time table,” said Chief Lars White of Oviedo Fire Department.

In 2013, the state paid $2 million for its downtown station and the city’s community center, and it set a deadline for firefighters to vacate by the end of 2015.

In the future, the firefighters from Station 2 will work out of a superstation, but it is still under construction and White said it is behind schedule.

The Florida Department of Transportation gave Oviedo fire a two-month extension to stay put until the end of next month.

Workers will then start the multi-million dollar renovation of State Road 434.

Firefighters will have to double up in one of the city’s other two stations, but which one is not determined yet.

“We’re strategizing right now with some response times,” White said.

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