Rio Bravo (TX) Fire Apparatus Rolled Over Responding to Fire

A Rio Bravo tanker truck rolled over Monday morning when responding to a fire.

The truck is now destroyed, but Rio Bravo Fire Chief Julio Gonzalez is glad that no one was seriously injured.

The driver lost control of the vehicle after he said a deer ran out in front of him.

The driver has been released from the hospital with some minor injuries.

The small city still has their main fire truck, but will now be without the tanker, which provided extra water.

“My understanding, it is a total loss on the truck. The axle broke, the water tank got detached from the truck, it’s a total loss. But something positive will come out of it. I know the community comes together. I know the people of Laredo will help us out. Anything to get us going. We’ll get the truck back.”

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