Richmond (IN) Common Council Denies Funds for Fire Apparatus Repair

The Richmond Common Council denied fire chief Jerry Purcell’s request for money to repair the department’s 75-foot aerial truck.

Council members elected to hold a request from Purcell for an additional appropriation of $35,000 to repair Engine 1, the city’s main aerial truck. An additional appropriation is general fund money council members will have to find in some other part of the 2015 budget.

But Purcell, who budgeted $40,000 for maintenance and repairs this year, said he would go ahead and have repairs begun immediately because, “We need that truck.”

Purcell said repairs will be done by Pierce Fire Truck in Indianapolis and will take six to eight weeks.

“I know this is part of the process but we need an aerial device and a backup device,” he said. “It’s required by (Insurance Service Organization).”

That organization sets insurance rates for the city and writes guidelines for equipment required for police and fire.

“I’ll exhaust my maintenance budget, but as long as I know the money is coming it should be fine,” he said.

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