Reyco Granning Completes Brake Qualification on TransportMaster®

Reyco Granning

Reyco Granning has completed FMVSS 105 testing for the TransportMaster® suspension family as mounted on Ford chassis cabs. The outcome was a resounding success, certifying stopping distance performance and assuring customers of the tremendous advantages of TransportMaster® technology.

Testing was performed in both 4X2 mode and 4X4 mode to ensure compatibility between the suspension system and the Ford ESC (electronic stability control) system. Out of 8 test protocols in 4X2 mode, 5 showed improved stopping distance performance relative to the factory leaf spring suspension. In 4X4 mode, 2 tests were completed and both showed considerable improvement in
stopping distances relative to the stock configuration.

Couple this with advantages in: ride, handling, ride height management, and kneeling, it is obvious that the TransportMaster® is the right solution for your ambulance, small bus, Class C motorhome,or work truck.

TransportMaster® technology is compatible with Class 3-5 Ford, RAM, & GM chassis cabs & cutaway
vans, and Ford E series strip chassis. More at

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