Retired Fire Captain, Union Official Comments on the Cost of the Fire Service

Jesse S. MorenoRetired fire captain Jesse S. Moreno responded to a guest commentary regarding fire district finances recently published on the Naples News website

Moreno, who has a degree in fire science, served a total of 32 years in the fire service, including four years as a crash firefighter for the federal government, and 15 years as a paramedic, had alot to say in his response, as seen on

In this article, Moreno breaks down some of the comments made by the commentator, Janet Vasey, and makes an interesting illustration comparing the amount of service one can receive from the fire service at its current cost, and what is provided by your own, costly automobile, homeowner, and health insurance. 

Read more about Moreno’s response HERE.

Photo of Jesse S. Moreno provided courtesy of the Naples News.


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