Report: Lexington Firefighter at Fault in Fatal Accident

A preliminary police traffic collision report says that a Lexington (KY) firefighter who was driving a fire truck that hit and killed a pedestrian last weekend was at fault in the incident, reports

Police say 27-year-old Lauren Woodall Roady of Washington, D.C., died shortly after being struck.

The driver of the fire truck, firefighter Christopher Presley, has been put on paid administrative leave. Police say the fire truck was on a non-emergency run and making a left turn when Roady was hit.

The police report says that Presley failed to yield to Roady, who was already in the crosswalk. That means she had the right of way when Presley turned into her path and struck her.

Lexington Police say the investigation is still ongoing. At this point, the results of the toxicology test and medical examiner’s report are still pending, but police say there is no information or evidence to indicate that any charges will be placed against Presley.

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