Repair Cost Force Early Fire Apparatus Purchase for Wayne-Westland MI

Rather than put money into trying to repair a fire truck that was due to be replaced soon, the Wayne-Westland Fire Department  (MI) will purchase a pumper fire truck for $345,618 from Sutphen.

It wasn’t the lowest bid but actually the third lowest bid coming in about $800 over the second bidder.

The low bid was for a fire truck that had been used as a demonstration model and that wasn’t recommended. “You can have a lot of miles on a demo model and a lot of wear and tear,” said Fire Chief Michael Reddy.

The problem with the number two bid was that the fire truck wouldn’t be delivered for at least 270 days. The concern with that delay in deliver was that it would require repairs on the existing truck to keep it in service.

Due a 10-foot header in the bay at Fire Station 2, where the pumper needing repairs is stationed, trucks from other stations can’t be reassigned since they are too tall, Reddy said.

In addition, the Sutphen vehicle is the same type purchased by Wayne in 2009. The Sutphen truck can be delivered no later than April.

“We did shave about $150,000 from the price by buying it off the assembly line,” said Reddy.

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