Refurbished New Jersey Fire Apparatus Returns to Action

The Bogota Fire Department Hook and Ladder truck returned to the borough on Oct. 9, completely refurbished and ready to serve Bogota.

The cost to refurbish the truck was $371,000, which is a large savings to the borough, as a brand new hook and ladder truck would have cost the borough nearly $1 million. The work was done by E-One, a company that designs and manufacturers fire rescue vehicles that is headquartered in Ocala (FL).

Borough officials and the members of the fire department were extremely happy with the results of the refurbishing.

“It exceeded my expectations,” said Mayor Patrick McHale. “If we can get another 10 to 15 years out of this truck, it’s a home run.”

McHale said he was initially concerned that it would not turn out the way he hoped, but he said that everything ended up working out great.

He added that, with fire engine one and fire engine three being purchased in 2008, it’s as if the borough now has three new trucks.

The process to get the hook and ladder refurbished began in 2012. Greiner, who was the Fire Chief of Bogota at the time, went to the fire department’s council liaison and then-Borough Administrator Leonard Nicolosi with the idea of refurbishing the truck instead of purchasing a brand new truck.

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