Reflective Dots Improve Apparatus Visibility

SCENEdot reflective dots can be applied to diamond and treadplate to provide improved visibility to the rear of apparatus. (SCENEdot Photo)

SCENEdots has created a product to make the rear of apparatus with diamond treadplate more visible.

The new product is an alternative to chevron striping, which requires a smooth surface for application and is far more expensive than SCENEdots, according to the maker.

 A patent pending status was recently granted to SCENEdots by the United States Patent and Trademark office, the company said.

SCENEdots can used to create horizontal, vertical or chevron stripe in any width or length without measuring, cutting or using a straight edge for alignment, according to the maker.

Once applied, a process that can be done by firefighters themselves, SCENEdots have a distinctive LED appearance as opposed to solid, continuous stripes as each reflective dot is placed between the diamonds on the treadplate.

Departments can customize apparatus using any of the five colors available, and apparatus numbering is possible, according to the company.

Installation of SCENEdots requires clean and dry surfaces, and the maker recommends a dry erase or washable marker be used to layout the strip or design before any dots are placed on the treadplate.

A heat gun or hair dryer can be used to remove dots, and remaining adhesives residue can be removed with Acetone.

SCENEdots are available through Quad County Fire Equipment, Saunemin, Ill.

For information call 815-832-4475 or go to

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