A new Blackbird 7,000-watt 120/240-volt on-board mobile power generator is available from Raven Technology.

“The 7,000-watt system provides even more power for lights, tools and electronic equipment and uses the same renowned underhood mounting systems as the current 5,000 watt model.” said David Murray, Raven’s director of business development. “Like all our installations, you don’t have to remove a stock alternator.”

Underhood mounting for both models of the Blackbird is currently available for a variety of popular emergency and utility platforms including the Ford F series, GMC medium-duty diesels, Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, and selected International and Freightliner chassis.  A pto-driven version is available for custom chassis and larger diesels.

The Blackbird produces pure sine, 60Hz AC at a wide range of fixed or variable engine speeds. Raven’s patented technology takes an entirely new approach to generating clean AC power from a variable speed source.

The technological breakthrough offers significant space and weight savings and provides an efficient, convenient, maintenance free source of power for lights and tools, according to Raven.

“The new 7,000-watt model is expected to increase sales to customers with larger trucks by offering a compact, maintenance free, less expensive alternative to heavy gas or diesel powered gen-sets and hydraulic generators,” said Murray.

For information call 207-721-1044 or go to www.raventechpower.com.

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