Raven Develops Rescue Tool Option

Raven Technology, manufacturer of the Blackbird on-board mobile power generator, is offering a new rescue option, the Motor-Manager, which allows Raven’s 7,000-watt Blackbird to start and run compatible rescue tool pumps electrically while providing scene lighting.

“The Motor-Manager option makes it possible for smaller trucks to do bigger jobs,” said Andy Bertocci, Raven’s manager of product support. 

Until now, he said, it took a very large generator to smoothly start and operate rescue tool pumps, and those generators were too large and heavy for many medium duty trucks. The Motor-Manager option buffers and controls the starting surges, he said, and Raven’s 7,000-watt Blackbird underhood and PTO mounted generators provide enough reserve power for simultaneous rescue scene lighting.

The Blackbird generator system is lightweight and takes no compartment space, he said, and the Raven system shifts from the critical rear axle, a big help in truck layout.

“Electrically driven systems have no gasoline or ventilation issues,” Bertocci said. “The pumps can be mounted on an interior compartment, saving valuable outside compartment space. You have a combination that’s hard to beat.”

He said Holmatro Rescue Systems is offering special rescue tool pumps that are compatible with Raven’s Motor-Manager option.  Holmatro worked with Raven to develop special single-tool and dual-tool pumps that work seamlessly with the Raven system.

Raven, based in Brunswick, Maine, is known for its variable speed AC generators and its kits for underhood and PTO mounting on many popular truck platforms including the Ford F-Series, Chevy Tahoe/Suburban series, remaining GMC Medium-Duty series and selected International and Freightliner chassis. The PTO drive version is available for custom chassis and larger diesels.

For information, contact Andy Bertocci at 207-721-1044 or by e-mail at abertocci@raventechpower.com or go to www.raventechpower.com.

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