Rantoul (IL) Fire Department to Buy Fire Apparatus

Rantoul Fire Department will buy a new Pierce Enforcer pumper-rescue truck at a cost of $546,609.

Fire Chief Ken Waters said the truck will likely “take the place of two trucks,” and help to alleviate not having enough volunteers available to answer calls during the day. That’s because it will also be able to house rescue equipment.

“During the daytime we’re short on people,” Waters said. “This way instead of taking a pumper and a rescue, (the new truck) has most of what we need to do an extrication.

“On the front bumper there will be a box that will house two rescue tools with hydraulic hoses built into the area, an electric reel that we can have power for any electric tools that we might need, and a place for a 100-foot 1 3/4-inch hose for fire suppression.”

The department will still be able to take its rescue truck to the scene of any call where heavy rescue is required.

The new pumper-rescue will hold 1,250 gallons of water and have a 1,500 gallons-per-minute Waterous pump.

For more information, view www.rantoulpress.com

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