Quincy (WA) Approves Fire Equipment Purchase

Quincy will spend about $100,000 to buy equipment for a new fire truck.

The city council approved buying the $99,323 in equipment for the $437,583 truck during its Tuesday meeting. The equipment includes hose, breathing apparatuses and tools

The city purchased the pumper truck in October to replace a 1969 vehicle the city owns.

Grant County Fire District 3 Chief Don Fortier previously said the current truck is barely passing its safety tests.

The council was split on two items — a thermal camera and a communication system used inside of the truck. The items cost $14,342.

Council member Adam Roduner said the items weren’t necessary, since the fire district already has two thermal cameras, and the truck isn’t loud enough to prevent people from talking to each other inside the vehicle.

Fire District officials disagreed. In a memo to the city, they stated the camera allows the firefighters to be able to detect people inside of a burning building. The camera helps firefighters find hidden fires and detect “super-heated” gases that need to be ventilated to give people a few more seconds to survive.

“The current camera that the City of Quincy owns was purchased by a grant in 2006,” they wrote. “Having two units would lower (the) risk of the public and aid firefighters.”

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