Putnam County (TN) Did Not Receive Fire Apparatus Grant

The county recently learned it was rejected to receive a grant to purchase a fire tanker for the Dry Valley community.

County Executive Randy Porter announced to the county commission’s fiscal review committee the $315,000 grant for the Putnam County Fire Department, which required a $65,000 match, was recently turned down. Commissioners had approved a resolution in February to apply for the yearly grant through the Upper Cumberland Development District. If won, the county intended to build a new firehouse at $120,000 for the truck.

According to Porter, the rejection may have been due to the income level of the Dry Valley community but details had not yet been confirmed.

“Of course we’ll be reapplying, but that will be later and maybe next year. I will get with UCDD and a grant writer and see if we can figure out why we didn’t get it,” said Porter.

However, the fire department will still get one new fire tranker this fiscal year to further help protect county residents — in August, the commission appropriated a one-time budget increase of $350,000 for a Class A tanker and new fire building at $150,000 in the Brotherton community. According to PCFD Chief Daryl Blair, who is also a commissioner and brought the request to the budget committee, the funding will replace another truck that had broken down.

During budget discussions in July, Blair said the county had become reliant on using grants to meet the fire department’s needs and noted there was a 50 percent chance of receiving the grant.

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