Providence Volunteer Fire Department Goes Out of Service

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The Providence Volunteer Fire Department has been in Union County for 61 years. The fire department is older than the town of Weddington.

The firefighters packed their bags on Tuesday, their last day of service, and moved their equipment out of the station on Hemby Road.

“It’s surreal,” volunteer firefighter Travis Manning said. “It doesn’t make any sense to me. The town voted us out.”

Eyewitness News first reported in April that Weddington leaders decided to end their contract with Providence VFD, their only fire station. They said it was in order to save $200,000 in the town’s budget.

The Providence VFD chief said he doesn’t believe that’s true.

“I’ve not seen any evidence on them saving money,” he said. “I’ve asked for documentation. We have not received any documentation or proof of where they are saving money at.”

Kenny Schott said he’s still hopeful that volunteer firefighters will be able to return to service soon.

The Providence VFD still exists as an organization but no longer has a station.

They have filed a lawsuit against the town, and a judge approved a temporary restraining order to prevent the town from selling the fire station.

Even though the building has been taken away, Providence firefighters said they have something that no one can take.

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