Protecto Wrap New Product Release

New Instructional Video Shows Product in Action
Denver, CO — Protecto Wrap Company has redesigned their Protecto Extrication Wrap™ Rescue Tape to include an Easy Peel Edge Tab to make it easier to deploy in the field. This improvement is a combined result of comments from Rescue Professionals and a determined effort from Protecto Wrap to make a good product even better. Protecto Extrication Wrap Rescue Tape is a high performance self adhering membrane that protects First Responders as well as collision victims from sharp metal and glass edges.
Upon arrival at an accident scene, Emergency Workers can quickly assess the situation using Protecto Extrication Wrap to harden the path of egress for safe rescue operations. Protecto Extrication Wrap Rescue Tape is easy to use; just peel and stick. With the addition of the new Easy Peel Edge Tab the process is simple, even with firefighter’s gloves. The thin conformable facer allows the user to quickly cover sharp irregular areas that could potentially cause greater injury. Protecto Extrication Wrap can be used to hold broken glass together for safe and efficient removal. 
Protecto Extrication Wrap adheres to steel, aluminum, glass, vinyl, plastic, wood as well as almost any painted or unpainted surface. This high performance safety wrap protects First Responders and Emergency Personnel from sharp edges caused by auto collisions, collapsed buildings, disentanglement tactics and is approved for Urban Search and Rescue Operations.
A new instructional video that shows the product in action has been recently produced. A second video which is an episode of the popular Fireground program has Chief Ernie Rhodes discussing the products benefits with extrication professional, Les Baker. Both videos can be viewed at 
Despite the fact that the product has only recently been introduced, Protecto Extrication Wrap is already highly in demand for Extrication Protection by Professional First Responders. The Extrication Wrap is economical and comes in 12”x 25’and 12”x 50’ rolls. One roll lasts through many extrication procedures. The material is also available in precut 12”x 12” pads (20 pieces per order). These precut pieces are a result of the many requests from fire fighters to have the product ready for easy deployment in the field. Rescue professionals may also choose to pre-cut custom lengths from a roll. 

The tough three ply film resists puncture and tearing. Tensile strength is 80 psi and puncture resistance is 2300 psi. Protecto Extrication Wrap is 25 mils thick and has cold bend pliability to -30 degrees F. Its pressure sensitive adhesive technology adheres down to -10 degrees F. Protecto Extrication Wrap’s distinctive look uses bright yellow and red arrows and serves as an emergency safety chevron and danger warning sign.  

 Product information is available at

In October, 2009, Protecto Extrication Wrap was used by team NARVA of the United States in a Professional Emergency Competition in Germany. The US team came in Second. Protecto Extrication Wrap Rescue Tape is so economical and easy to use it is no wonder that so many First Responders, Fire Fighters, Emergency Workers, and Ambulance Personnel carry a supply with them at all times.  

About Protecto Wrap Company

Protecto Wrap Company has been manufacturing insulating, waterproofing and protective membranes since 1952 and has built a sound reputation for producing the highest quality materials available on the market today. Their products meet or exceed industry standards and they offer the benefits of their experience and field service to back the quality of their products.

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