Progress of New Bayport Fire (MN) Fire Apparatus

At the Rosenbauer plant in the small town of Wyoming, about 250 fire trucks will be born this year — one of them will be the Bayport Fire Department’s new engine.

The new truck will serve Bayport, Baytown Township, Oak Park Heights and West Lakeland Township.

According to Rosenbauer dealer Steve Harris, the company makes more fire trucks than any other company in the world.

Rosenbauer has been building Bayport Fire’s new half million dollar truck from the ground up. The truck was originally expected for delivery earlier this year but fell behind schedule due to the high volume of work the company is doing. But the pieces are finally coming together, and the truck is expected to be finished around the end of May.

Fire Chief Mark Swenson and City Administrator Logan Martin visited the plant last week to observe the progress.

According to Harris, it takes approximately 2,000-2,500 man-hours to complete a truck from start to finish. Rosenbauer builds nearly everything from the ground up, except the engine. Many of the pieces are built simultaneously in separate areas and then assembled.

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