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Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) Z-Shlammer tool breaks up concrete, drywall, wood, and more with its six-pound hammer but adds in the multifunctionality of a pentagonal hydrant wrench and a 5½-inch steel pry hook.

The tool features a 1,200-pound-rated, 32-inch fiberglass handle with 3¾-inch built-in overswing protection. A special “V-groove” allows for easy marriage to a halligan tool for storage and transport., 800-711-FIRE

KIMTEK® Corporation FCW-206 FIRELITE® Compact Wildfire UTV skid unit maintains a small footprint base, just 48 inches wide by 34 inches long, enabling it to fit easily into larger UTV side-by-side cargo boxes with the tailgate closed. Ideal for first response UTVs that require no additional storage room or patient transport capacity, the FCW-206 is an ultra-compact yet powerful quick-attack slip on fire skid.

The unit comes equipped with the field-tested Darley® Davey 5.5-hp Honda® driven pump, Hannay® 4000 Series manual reel with booster hose, and an available 55- or 70-gallon tank. Available options include Scotty® around-the-pump foam system with five-gallon foam cell and electric rewind option for the Hannay reel., 888-546-8358

CMC Rescue/Skedco Drag-On Lift Harness™ was developed and engineered as a means to rapidly package and evacuate a patient from a confined space or area with limited access. The device enables the rescuer to provide a fast load-and-go technique that allows the patient to be packaged efficiently and securely for a vertical lift, horizontal carry out, or drag extraction.

The drag sheet is constructed from heavy-duty E-Z glide plastic that becomes rigid when curved around the patient. Compact storage, ease of use, and flexibility in transport have made other Sked® products that use this technology popular worldwide. The system is designed for vertical extrication using the harness V-ring attachments, or the integrated handles allow the stretcher to be carried or dragged on its smooth surface., 800-513-7455

The H-Lift First Responder Jack Conversion Kit contains all the parts and components needed to convert a standard Hi-Lift® Jack into a First Responder Hi-Lift® Jack-a tool used for extrication, heavy rescue, forcible entry, RIT/RIC procedures, as well as stabilization and shoring.

Features include a 36-square-inch rotating base, removable top clamp-clevis attachment, luminescent features, safe use information, and instructions., 812-384-4441

Carson updated SC-407-20 14 Enforcer siren offers a traditional rotary-switch siren control knob and rocker switches with 20-amp circuits for primary light control. The siren is a suitable choice for the economical buyer in need of a light control siren. New blue LED backlighting allows operator visibility at nighttime.

Other features include a 100-/200-watt amplifier with 140 amps of light control; lever/slide switch with 20-amp capacity per switch and 80-amp total capacity; on/off power switch and four-position rotary switch for “Wail,” “Yelp,” “Standby,” and “Radio”; PA override with noise-canceling microphone; two momentary pushbuttons for manual/phaser override and air horn override; and separate radio and PA volume controls on the face of the unit., 888-577-6877

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