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Coxreels dual hydraulic reels, designed for use with hydraulic tools and accessories, are offered in two configurations: the MPD and the TDMP series. As with most Coxreels spring rewind reels, the dual hydraulic reels feature single-sided access for both the spring and the swivel. The supply and return lines come in the same side of the reel into an external fluid path via a removable dual-port hydraulic swivel. This same inlet and swivel side of the reel also houses an easy-to-service spring cartridge motor.

This design allows for service of the main components without removing the reel when it is installed in truck body boxes. For capacities up to 30 feet of dual hose, the MPD series features a dual axle support system with a solid steel one-inch axle. The TDMP is built for capacities up to 50 feet, with triple axle support, dual arm guides, and stainless steel hose guide rollers., 800-269-7335

Streamlight® Inc. ProTac® HL-X and ProTac® 2L-X tactical lights deliver 1,000 and 500 lumens, respectively, as well as offer the versatility of a rechargeable battery option. Both lights can be powered by either two 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries or one Streamlight rechargeable 18650 cell. This multibattery option allows for use of primary disposable batteries if the rechargeable cell is out of power. Both lights also feature a TEN-TAP® programmable switch, which allows for user selection from among three programs.

The HL-X offers high/strobe/low (factory default), high only, or low/medium/high; the 2L-X provides high/strobe/low (factory default), high only, or low/high. When using an 18650 battery, the ProTac HL-X on high delivers 1,000 lumens, 27,100 candela, a 330-meter beam distance, and a run time of up to one hour 30 minutes. On high, the ProTac 2L-X provides 500 lumens, 6,800 candela, a beam distance of 165 meters, and a run time of up to three hours 15 minutes with an 18650 battery inserted., 800-523-7488

Kussmaul Dura-Panel Solar Charging Systems include the industrial-grade RIGID system, which comes with heavy-duty mounting hardware and is covered with a 10-year warranty. Available in 20-, 50-, and 100-W versions to accommodate different vehicles’ power needs, these panels can also be wired in parallel to produce more output. A charge controller adapts the voltage from different battery types. The FLEXIBLE system panels are also industrial-grade but are pliable enough to be curved to a 30-degree arc (maximum).

These panels will mount to flexibly fit on most roof surfaces that are aerodynamically designed for fuel efficiency. These easy-to-mount panels are available in 50- and 100-W versions. They can also be customized to produce more power by wiring panels in parallel. The FLEXIBLE system comes with a voltage controller to allow different battery types. This system has a-five-year warranty., 800-346-0857

Scott Safety EPIC 3 Radio Direct Interface (RDI) voice amplifier is the latest addition to the EPIC 3 communications platform. The RDI delivers clear voice communications in loud environments and works with existing compatible Motorola field radios as well as Scott SCBA/PPE. Using Bluetooth communications, the RDI offers easy setup and operation with field radios and remote speaker microphones. The EPIC 3 RDI voice amplifier simplifies system integration and operation.

When operating the RDI voice amplifier with Scott Safety SCBA equipment, a firefighter can communicate directly through the APX radio via the XE RSM push-to-talk (PTT) interface. Simplified Bluetooth operation ensures fast and easy transitioning between tactical SCBA/radio and nontactical radio communication modes while eliminating face piece wire entanglement hazards. The EPIC 3 RDI voice amplifier is compliant with NFPA 1981 and is compatible with Scott Safety Air-Pak SCBA, PAPR, and APR products., 800-247-7257

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