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Scott Safety Scott Sight new in-mask thermal intelligence system is designed to improve firefighter safety by providing the real-time benefits of thermal imaging in plain sight of all firefighters. Scott Sight integrates a lightweight, in-mask display with a miniature, head-mounted, and hands-free thermal camera that keeps the thermal image within the firefighter’s field of view at all times.

It is an imaging tool that supplements existing handheld technology by offering individualized full-time, hands-free visibility. The result is more eyes in the fire, which reduces the chance that hazards are missed, improves the speed of victim location, enhances firefighter orientation, strengthens accountability, and enables the immediate identification of means of secondary egress in the event that the situation suddenly deteriorates., 704-291-8300

Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) Z-Falcon’s steel-alloy penetrator head pierces drywall like a javelin. Once through, the three folding talons expand and lock into place like a grappling hook, pulling back large chunks of debris each time. The Z-Falcon’s handle merges comfort with multifunctionality, adding a 5½-inch pry and 1¾-inch striking surface to expand its arsenal.

The high-quality steel-alloy components are coated in manganese phosphate for maximum rust protection. The heavy-duty fiberglass pole is available in lengths of 48, 54, and 60 inches with either yellow or orange coloring., 800-711-FIRE

Globe ATHLETIX™ turnout gear features a new material technology that enables all-new athletic design with stretch fabrics that allow closer, body-contoured fit to provide range of motion with less bulk, more flexibility, and lighter weight. KOMBAT™ STRETCH PBI®/KEVLAR® fabric allows closer, less bulky fit. NOMEX® NANO thermal barrier material is thinner, lighter, more flexible, more breathable, and quicker drying.

3M SCOTCHLITE™ COMFORT TRIM reflective material is segmented and heat-sealed to be lighter, more flexible, and breathable without sacrificing visibility. CROSTECH® BLACK moisture barrier provides breathability in a wide range of environmental conditions to reduce heat stress., 800 232-8323

Streamlight® Inc. portable scene light now features lumen output of 5,300 lumens. The updated light also now features a red low-battery warning indicator. Featuring a narrow footprint and a telescoping extension pole, the portable scene light can be used almost anywhere by first responders and other professionals for scene lighting purposes from wide, open places to tight, confined work areas.

The portable scene light uses six C4® LEDs and wide-pattern parabolic reflectors to provide two selectable beam widths and three levels of light intensity, ranging from a super-bright flood beam to a low setting with ultra-long run times. The light features a rotating head that can be extended on a telescoping pole to an overall height of 72 inches., 800-523-7488

FLIR Systems, Inc., K33 and K53 thermal imaging cameras (TICs) provide high resolution in a simple, clean interface. Designed to operate in tough conditions, the FLIR K33 and K53 firefighting cameras feature FLIR’s Flexible Scene Enhancement™ (FSX) technology for ultra-crisp thermal imagery for visibility in total darkness and smoke-filled rooms.

With a simple, single-button interface, both cameras provide one viewing option (TI Basic). The K33 offers 240 x 180 resolution, and the FLIR K53 offers 320 x 240 resolution on a bright four-inch display, while the K53 can internally store 200 images and 600 minutes of video for after-action review and incident reporting., 800-GO-INFRA

TFT low-profile ball intake valve features lightweight aluminum construction that is hard anodized and powder coated for corrosion resistance. Its engineered high-performance flow path produces less than 5 psi loss at 1,250 gpm.

The profile of this intake valve is 9.65 inches, and it weighs 17.5 pounds. The high-flowing, fast-reacting pressure relief valve is field-adjustable., 800-348-2686

Hale Products, Inc., Class 1 SmartFOAM system features an intuitive user interface, advanced safety interlocks, fully configurable presets, and data logging. The Class 1 SmartFOAM system uses Hale’s UltraView controller with a full-color, wide-angle display, viewable in all lighting conditions—even direct sunlight. The waterproof enclosure has an IP67 rating and an operating temperature range of –40°F to 185°F.

The touch screen display is user-friendly with icons for easy understanding, plain text warnings, and on-screen tutorials for calibration. The safety interlocks prevent the user from mixing A and B foams and avoid damage by stopping the foam pump from operating in a “dry” condition. The SmartFOAM system automatically logs all aspects of the last 200 hours of operation, which can be easily transferred to a USB., 800-533-3569

Akron Brass Company Revel Scout™ scene light is suitable for fire departments or emergency medical service teams in need of a high-output, tactical scene light with multiple mounting options. The Revel Scout’s design allows for multiple placement options: set on a flat surface, hung on a door, strapped to a ladder, or attached to drywall with its integrated spike. It features a removable, rechargeable battery that can last up to seven hours and weighs only 12 pounds.

The light boasts 14,000 lumens and is easy to move or position. Its combination of flood and spot light optics increases overall scene visibility when lighting exterior areas such as vehicles, structures, parking lots, and overhead hazards. It can then be used indoors for overhaul or any variety of other tasks., 800-228-1161

MSA integrated G1 SCBA thermal imaging camera is lightweight, adding 4.2 oz. over the standard G1 control module. If offers up to five user-selectable palettes, with more than 10 additional palettes available via MSA A2 software. The TIC has a 220 x 176 display, and there is a five-year warranty on the thermal imager.

The unit is compatible with all G1 SCBA via a simple field upgrade. It is powered by the G1’s single integrated power source, and it offers single-button functionality for simple, intuitive use., 877-672-FIRE

Little Giant Ladder Systems Overhaul™ firefighter’s ladder system contains features specifically engineered to address the hazards firefighters face every day. It is the first articulating ladder that is NFPA-compliant. At 4 feet 7 inches tall when retracted, the Overhaul ladder actually extends to 17 feet but is compact enough to carry into an elevator, up a flight of stairs, or around tight corners.

The large solid aluminum carrying handle makes it easy to grip, even while wearing firefighting gloves. Its heavy-duty caster wheels enable quick and easy transport., 866-872-5901

Petzl EXO AP personal escape system features a new “anti-panic” function and is an upgraded version of the EXO personal escape system first launched in 2006. The new EXO AP aims to better control panic-fueled escapes with an anti-panic function that engages automatically if the user’s adrenaline spikes and he yanks too hard on the handle. The descent will stop automatically and give the firefighter a moment to collect himself before the handle is re-engaged and the descent can continue in a controlled manner.

The EXO AP descender and its Am’D “H” frame connector with CAPTIV retainer bar allows users to quickly move horizontally, climb through a window, and control and stop a descent. The 50-foot Technora escape rope resists abrasion and high temperatures. The Nomex carry bag attaches the system directly to the harness., 801-926-1500

DragonWear™ Power Dry® dual-hazard fire-resistant (FR) long-sleeve shirt with left chest pocket is available in navy, gray, and hi-vis yellow colors. The pocket is 4.5 by 5.5 inches, and the moisture-wicking Polartec® Power Dry® FR fabric keeps wearers cool and dry.

It features an extra-long hem with flat-lock seam construction and a tagless neckline that eliminates chaffing and itch and ensures comfort and functionality in any environment. Decreased fabric weight combined with an increased arc rating make this a suitable CAT 2 work shirt., 800-873-5725

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