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Force5’s Fire & Rescue works as a corrosion inhibiter, a lubricant, and a cleaner to keep vehicles and essential gear in good working order. It penetrates metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion while forming a bond that repels water and other contaminants to ensure the proper function of equipment while prolonging usable life.

It can also be used on portable lights, power tools, generators, and inverters and is also a lubricant and cleaner that removes dirt, grime, grease, and even existing rust on metal parts and fasteners. The deep penetrating lubricant makes even hydrants with rusty threads easy to use as well., 678-883-3578

StreetWise CADlink’s StreetWise Responder personal smartphone response app for Android and iPhone focuses on the features individual responders need. It fully integrates with the other suite of StreetWise products, so you’ll always know who is responding on your call, where they are, and what they’re doing.

Features include instant call alert when software is active, and push notifications alert users when software is inactive; user-selectable audible alert when a new call is received; dual-source location geocoding with accuracy advisories; real-time unit and responder location tracking on a tactical map; navigation route overlay and live traffic conditions; and much more., 800-718-8027

Re-Grip is an easy-to-use product for anything that needs a comfortable and safe grip. Simply add or replace a grip to any tool, handle, or lever in just three steps. It can be placed on items such as fire hose, sledgehammers, jack hammers, axes, and so on to avoid hand blisters and discomfort from arthritis/carpal tunnel.

Re-Grip is designed to help minimize stress or muscle fatigue by absorbing and redistributing energy during use; no glue or heat required. Watch a “How-to-Apply” video for firefighters at, 800-607-8931

Ontario Knife Company’s (OKC’s) Fire SPAX is a combination fire ax/halligan and pry bar multitool that is part of the Fire, Law Enforcement, EMTs, and Training (FLEET®) Program.

With an overall length of 22.19 inches, the Fire SPAX features a tough 48-52 HRC 1075 high-carbon steel blade that holds a true edge, making it sharp and strong enough for first responders to cut through the toughest emergency situations such as breaking through doorways or pulling window frames. Incorporating the ax, pry bar, and wrench features into one tool can save pounds and seconds in an emergency., 716-676-5527

E-ONE has partnered with HBC-radiomatic to bring wireless functionality to E-ONE aerials through its Advanced Aerial Control System (AACS). This sees HBC-radiomatic’s spectrum B bellybox transmitter along with FSE 727 receiver integrated into E-ONE’s AACS. AACS is a proprietary, high-end aerial device control system that delivers vital stats from the truck.

The spectrum B bellybox transmitter is a high-performing control for cranes and machines with LCD. Available with up to three joysticks or eight HBC linear levers, many individual configurations are available featuring pushbuttons, toggle switches, rotary switches, and other operating elements. FSE 727 is a compact receiver for mobile applications., 800-410-4562

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