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GLOBE MANUFACTURING COMPANY G-XTREME® 3.0 TURNOUT GEAR is completely retailored from collar to cuff to provide unrestricted mobility for even the most athletic firefighter. With all the features of the original design, including Globe’s exclusive AXTION® Back, Sleeve, Seat, and Knee, the company expects firefighters to instantly feel how these improvements allow them to make all the right moves. Globe recently demonstrated GORE® PARALLON™, a new liner system that reduces heat stress in a wide range of environments and improves thermal protection when wet as well as the PBI® Lightweight Gold™ System, which is lighter and more flexible without compromising protection and durability., 800-232-8323

LINK MANUFACTURING LINK ATLAS™ 35K DRIVE SUSPENSION has the same features apparatus manufacturers have found in AirLink® tandem-drive suspension, including agility, durability, and ride quality. The Link Axis single-axle design features high levels of roll stability while still maintaining excellent ride characteristics. Available in capacities up to 35k, it provides near tandem levels of capacity in a more compact design, allowing fire departments to maximize the volume of water or gear on their fire apparatus., 800-222-6283

STREAMLIGHT® INC. ULTRASTINGER® LED features the latest in high-powered LED technology. The new light, which provides 1,100 lumens of light and 65,000 candela for a far-reaching beam, is the most powerful model in the Stinger® family. The new light offers three microprocessor-controlled, variable-intensity modes, including high, medium, and low, plus a strobe mode. On high, the light delivers 1,100 lumens, 65,000 candela, a beam distance of 510 meters, and a run time of one hour and 30 minutes. On low, the light provides a run time of 16 hours, 90 lumens, 5,000 candela, and a beam distance of 141 meters. The strobe setting offers a run time of three hours and 15 minutes. A Ten-Tap® programmable switch allows users to select from one of three different programs: high/medium/low/strobe (the factory default), high only without strobe; or high/medium/low without strobe. Powered by a five-cell, six-volt Ni-MH sub-C battery, the UltraStinger LED works with all existing Stinger chargers. The steady charger fully recharges the light in 10 hours on 100-, 120-, 230-, or 240-VAC or 12-VDC charge cords. A 2.5-hour fast charger also is available., 800-523-7488

SKEDCO, INC. RAPID EMERGENCY EVACUATION KIT is designed for rapid emergency evacuation of hospitalized patients or victims in an active-shooter incident. The Sked Rapid Access System (RAS) is designed to hang on a wall or behind a door and provides a quick way to safely package and remove someone from a dangerous environment. The RAS contains a hanging bag with four HMH Skeds. Just pull the looped cord attached to two large zippers and release the hook-and-loop attachment at the top of the bag for access to the Skeds. Customized configurations containing other Sked models and quantities are available by special order., 800-770-SKED

JUNKYARD DOG INDUSTRIES GLASS KNIFE KITS meet extrication needs. Glass Knife Kit #1 includes a Glass Knife head that fits any drill, a punch/pry bar, five N95 dust masks, safety glasses, and a wetting agent-all designed to help rescuers cut laminated glass safely with little effort. Kit #2 and Kit #3 come with everything in Kit #1 plus an entire Milwaukee drill kit, providing rescue companies with a 12- or 18-volt drill, two batteries, and a charger so crews are never without power. hand-tools/, 267-803-1440

IN OUR GEAR “JV” TOOL is used to make forcible entry into double commercial doors, equipped with a thumb key on the egress side, faster and much less destructive than traditional means. The JV tool is slid in between the gap that either exists or is created by the first responder and the thumb key is operated from inside the building, resulting in little to no damage to the door/lock. It is appropriately sized to fit between a gap between double sliding or swinging doors equipped with a thumb key on the egress side. Minimal training is required, and the device is sized to be a personal tool. The “V” style tip allows the tool to be adjusted to a wide variety of thumb locks.

HANNAY REELS FF SERIES for large diameter booster or preconnected collapsible hose is ideal for fire and rescue operations. A gear-driven crank rewind with a pinion brake is standard. All models are available in aluminum or stainless-steel construction. The “Super Booster” (aluminum construction) reel weighs up to 30 percent less than a standard booster reel. Hannay designs reels that help cut attack time and increase safety, which makes a big difference in an industry where the lives of your crew-and community-are on the line., 877-467-3357

NATIONAL FOAM HI-COMBAT II® HOSE sets the standards for excellence and technology in fire hose products designed to make firefighting safer and more efficient. Hi-Combat II is more flexible and has a higher burst pressure than traditional attack lines. Hi-Combat II was designed to address situations where the interior attack hose is used as a lifeline. With high-visibility fibers woven right into the hose, firefighters can follow the exit and arrows to safety. Hi-Combat II is the only hose with identifier weave., 800-334-3156

BAUER OXY-BOOST SYSTEM combines a Masterline 7000A-2 Oxygen Booster and BAUER’s CFSII OXY Containment Fill Station into one package, creating a simple, safe, and effective method for refilling portable CPAP oxygen cylinders. Cuts O2 costs by getting the maximum oxygen from your storage cylinders. Keeps your operator safe with the proven BAUER CFSII fill station containment system. Cuts overhead by using fewer storage cylinders, allowing for a return on your investment in only a few years., 757-858-5141

GEARTRACKER is a free online program to keep track of your department’s gear along with cleanings, inspections, and repairs to maintain NFPA 1851 compliance. Easily access to whom your gear has been assigned and when gear will expire and calculate the lifetime cost of gear. If you already have your personnel and gear tracked in an electronic spreadsheet, you can easily import directly into GearTracker., 330-723-0000

Channellock Inc. 9-inch 86 Rescue Tool is designed for easy, intuitive, one-handed operation in high-stress situations. The new 86 Rescue Tool is American-made and combines the versatile linemen’s head with more than five other tools into one so that first responders only have to carry one piece of equipment to accomplish multiple tasks. CHANNELLOCK® developed the 86 Rescue Tool specifically for firefighters by including multiple safety functions that are essential in emergency situations. Features of this tool include a jaw design that accommodates many shapes and provides maximum grip; a spring-and-lock feature that allows easy, one-hand operation in high-stress situations; gas safety valve shut off and window and door pry ability; a spanner wrench that tightens and loosens up to 5-inch hose couplings; XLT technology that requires considerably less force to cut than traditional high-leverage designs; and laser heat-treated cutting edges that last longer and easily cut hard and soft wire., 800-724-3018

Kenwood introduces the NX-5200K2/K3 and NX-5700K VHF mobiles and portables and new firmware that allows for NXDN site roaming and single remote head configurations for mobile units. The multiprotocol NX-5000 Series allows users to operate in P25 Phase I/II, NEXEDGE® digital, and analog modes. The NX-5000 Series of portable and mobile two-way radios are designed to facilitate a planned migration to digital for agencies and businesses operating with a mix of analog and digital radios. Built-in DSP is designed for high-noise environments. An orange emergency button on the mobile and portable units adds additional safety protection in hazardous conditions. The NX-5000 Series is equipped with 56-bit DES encryption as a standard feature, with optional 256-bit AES encryption. The NX-Series portables have a built-in Bluetooth® module making hands-free operation easy., 678-474-4700

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