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Scott Safety GT-Fire handheld portable gas detector enables firefighters to conduct more specific leak detection investigations while they wait for gas utility companies to arrive. GT-Fire is equipped with technology to read flammable (ppm and LEL) gases and oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) if required.

The ergonomic design of GT-Fire allows for leak detection in tough spaces and provides visual and audible assistance during investigation. When the job is done, firefighters can quickly generate reports with easy access to instrument data. 800-247-7257

Agility Technologies Corporation’s (ATC’s) FirstLook360 (FL360) is a live streaming, 360-degree technical rescue search camera. The FL360 captures seamless, high-definition streaming spherical panorama video with wired and wireless connectivity in a ruggedized IP67 housing that will fit through a standard two-inch coring hole.

The FL360 contains no moving parts, and the design does away with the rubber bellows that cover a series of joints, motors, gears, pulleys, and/or belts used in today’s available rescue cameras. The FL360 was engineered to increase battery life, decrease search times, and allow a multipurpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue applications including structural collapse, trench, and high-angle., 604-259-1579

Honeywell’s Life Guard Hood features an innovative design and fabrics that provide better blocking protection against hazardous particulates and toxins compared with traditional firefighter hoods. It also features a lighter, roomier fit that integrates with a firefighter’s self-contained breathing apparatus and other turnout gear.

The hood was developed by Honeywell First Responder, whose products range from helmets to boots to respiratory gear. The particulate-blocking protection of the Honeywell Life Guard Hood is laboratory-proven and NFPA-compliant., 877-841-2840

Whelen Pioneer™ Series light, with its structural design and innovative optic technology, has been reengineered with a more efficient light engine to put more light wherever it’s needed. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Helios™ Optic increases clarity with 100 percent silicone internal optics.

Available in single and dual models with flood or spot/flood combination optics, the newly designed Pioneer Series builds on the Pioneer family’s reputation for versatility and functionality., 860-526-9504

Skedco’s Rapid Access System contains a flat hanging wall storage bag that holds up to four HMH Sked stretchers. These unique bags are usually placed onto the back wall of closets that are strategically located throughout a hospital or other building.

When needed, just pull down the cord to open the bag. One HMH Sked at a time is removed from the bag and is ready to use., 503-691-7909

The Seek Reveal FirePRO high-resolution personal thermal imaging camera (TIC) has a 320×240 thermal sensor and intuitive software. It has an IP67 rating and a wide 32-degree field of view, ideal for locating victims, personal navigation, and identifying hazards in seconds.

Its powerful 300-lumen LED flashlight is available at the touch of a button. With a variety of color filters and temperature measurement tools, firefighters can enhance their vision and situational awareness to make better decisions faster., 844-733-4328

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