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Draft Commander® Mobile Fire Appliance Testing & Training Unit Model DCA-1962-100 is designed to test handline fire nozzles from 30-500 gpm; fire hose couplings; fire appliances such as water thiefs, valves, and fittings; hard suction hose; and fire hose-all according to NFPA 1962. The unit is also designed for training purposes for fire pump engineers and firefighters by recycling water.

The Draft Commander® Hard Suction Hose Vacuum Testing Unit is located at the rear of the Draft Commander Mobile Fire Appliance Testing & Training Unit and comes with several couplings for compatibility across different sizes of hard suction hose. Testing fire hose and fire appliances per the NFPA ensures the safety of personnel operating equipment, providing a reasonable assurance that the equipment will perform as designed. When testing an appliance with the Draft Commander® Nozzle Testing Appliance, the nozzles are recirculating water into the Draft Commander® and pumping back out of the nozzle through the fire pump., 785-825-9527

QUIC-MOUNT Universal Deck Mount Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) features rugged aluminum framing and heavy-duty nylon straps with easy-to-operate plastic buckles. A wide range of adjustment options allows for a nice, tight fit inside the compartment, even with longer, taller, or otherwise oddly shaped items. Secure box fans, PPV fans, hydraulic pumps, beverage coolers, toolboxes, and more.

Heavy equipment can shift during transport or become airborne in the event of a rollover collision. In a matter of seconds, a lifesaving tool can become a dangerous weapon. With this in mind, do not rely on gravity alone to keep that heavy equipment secure and personnel safe., 800-711-FIRE

Cummins Inc. 2017 X15 Performance Series engine brings forward the big-bore attributes of the ISX15 with even better performance and reliability. With ratings up to 600 hp, the X15 Performance Series was designed to meet the maximum performance needs of fire and emergency apparatus. Emergency vehicle calibrations maintain maximum performance even when an emissions-related fault is triggered or the aftertreatment system is regenerating.

Also, when the X15 is specified with a Cummins Onan® generator, the Cummins service network is the single source for maintenance, parts, and service for both engine and generator. An upgraded high-flow air-handling system provides faster response for acceleration. Peak torque of up to 1,850 lb-ft is delivered across a very wide engine rpm range as low as 1,150 rpm., 800-343-7357

Code 3®, Inc. M180™ exterior light combines an intersection light, takedown light, and puddle light into one compact housing. The M180 can be mounted anywhere an MR6™ can, making it a versatile light. The M180 comes in red, white, blue, green, and amber colors. There are 29 single-color flash patterns. The M180 syncs with existing Chase™, MR6, and Mega Thin™ LEDs, making it easy to integrate into an existing setup.

The M180 meets SAE J845 and J595 Class 1 specifications and California Title 13 photometric requirements when properly configured. It is 12-24 VDC and runs 0.9 amps at 12 VDC. The M180 is tested to withstand temperatures from -40°C to 77°C. There is a five-year warranty on the LEDs., 314-426-2700

Locution Systems, Inc. mapping applications are for in-station mapping, smartphones, and tablets. PrimeAlert® Responder is a mapping application for fire stations that runs on monitors positioned in central areas of the fire station. PrimeAlert Responder On-The-Go is an interactive mobile app for smartphones and tablets that provides dispatching and mapping information in an intuitive, natural manner, showing smooth transitions from prior dispatch to new dispatch as the dispatch comes in.

These fire station alerting mapping apps are only available as part of the PrimeAlert fire station alerting system. PrimeAlert Responder is normally tied to the PrimeAlert fire station PC. PrimeAlert Responder On-The-Go runs on Android and iPhones as well as tablets and iPads., 303-301-7300

Fire Station Outfitters is committed to providing Xtreme Seating for extreme conditions that is quality built and reasonably priced. The furniture is built to a higher standard of quality and craftsmanship and is America Strong.

The company is also also committed to providing the very best customer service that is unparalleled in today’s furniture industry. 888-380-2345

Ventry Solutions, Inc. Ventry Electric Positive Pressure Fan, Model 20em3550, is 1.5-hp, 15-amp, variable-speed, and GFCI-compatible. Model 20EM3550 combines a new high-efficiency motor with the all-terrain, three-leg design and aircraft-style safety propellers exclusive to Ventry Fans.

Model 20EM3550 is suitable for all levels of ventilation. Use it for aggressive, coordinated positive pressure attack and post-knockdown ventilation., 888-257-8967

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