Prepare for National Firefighter Health Week in August

National Firefighter Health Week 2011 will be held August 14-20. The theme is: “When it comes to your health, you’re always on duty.” Each day of the week will focus on a different topic to help first responders take the steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Use this National Firefighter Health Week Resource Center to find more information about each focus day as well as resources, tools, and activity ideas specific to each day’s topic:
Sunday, August 14 – National Firefighter Health Week Kick-off

Monday, August 15 – CRISIS: Understanding the Risk
Increase awareness and understanding of health risks to firefighters and EMS personnel.

Tuesday, August 16 – DISPATCH: Get Support
Solicit buy-in from the community, department overhead, and family to improve first responder health.

Wednesday, August 17 – SIZE-UP: Make a Plan
Set goals and develop a plan of action to improve first responder health and wellness.

Thursday, August 18 – ATTACK: Take Action
Work with department and community partners to implement change in health behaviors.

Friday, August 19 – OVERHAUL: Live Life
Continue to practice healthy behaviors at the department and at home in the long-term.

Saturday, August 20 – Health Week Wrap-Up and Event Day
Organize or attend community events with family and friends that support your commitment to health and wellness.

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to find tools and resources for promoting National Firefighter Health Week in your department and in your community. 
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Click here to download the National Firefighter Health Week poster.

National Firefighter Health Week is an annual week-long initiative held each August to educate the fire and emergency services community and the public about a variety of health and wellness issues that affect first responders. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), through the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program, launched the Health Week initiative in 2007 to create awareness around important health issues in the emergency services and encourage first responders to take action.

About the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program

America’s firefighters and emergency services personnel save lives and property as first responders to man-made and natural disasters, but these responders face a great, although often ignored, risk. Every year, more than half of all firefighter deaths are attributed to heart attacks, which is the leading cause of firefighter fatalities. The NVFC has designed the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program to promote fitness, nutrition, and health awareness within America’s fire and emergency services. It is the nation’s only heart attack prevention program targeted at all firefighters and EMS personnel, both volunteer and career.

The NVFC launched the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program in 2003 with the release of the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Kit and free cholesterol screenings at fire and emergency service trade shows. The program has since expanded to include the Fired Up for Fitness Challenge, the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Resource Guide, the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Cookbook, the E-news monthly electronic newsletter, the Put It Out smoking cession campaign, Health and Wellness Advocate Workshops, behavioral health workshops, webinars, and much more. The Heart-Healthy Firefighter booth travels to fire and emergency service trade shows across the country to offer free health screenings, the Wii Fit Challenge, and tools and resources to help first responders get and stay healthy.


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