Precision Fire Apparatus Expands Offerings

Now under new ownership, Precision Fire Apparatus will add an aggressive approach to its remount business while continuing 22 years of specialty fire apparatus manufacturing.

Stacy Robertson, Brad Johnston, and Jim Keltner have joined forces with equal ownership in Precision to focus on a market that they believe is a growing part of the fire apparatus industry. Although it is continuing to focus on the manufacturing of high-end rescues, pumpers, and tankers, Precision sees a need for a quality remount supplier. With the expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and customer service it can provide Precision feels like it is in a position to lead the remount industry.

The before and after photos shown here are of a remount recently completed on a new Spartan Metrostar X Chassis. The ability to change it from a beaver tail unit to a more modern flat back is just one example of how Precision can provide this service. This unit was completed in just over four weeks. It included a new UPF tank, LED lighting, and carries a warranty comparable to most new apparatus.

Precision expects its ability to provide a customer with a loaner unit while the department’s current fire apparatus is being remounted on a new chassis and the quick quality turnaround, will prove to be beneficial to departments trying to upgrade their apparatus while working under a squeezed budget. In most cases, Precision feels that it can save departments $60,000 or more per unit by remounting their current apparatus and still provide wanted and needed upgrades.

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