Pratt County EMS Receives New Equipment

An equipment upgrade at Pratt County EMS will provide a wider range of diagnostics than previously available on the older units.

Two new Phillips MRX units (heart monitors) will provide cardiac monitoring, defibrillation and synchronizing cardiac phasing (put the heart back in correct rhythm) like to old units but also measure CO2 levels, take blood pressures, measure pulse ox (oxygen concentration in the blood) and provide automated external defibrillation is a paramedic is not available, said Mark McManaman, Emergency and Medical Services administrator for Pratt County.

The new units have a built-in Automated External Defibrillator for correcting heart rhythm. They also have 12 leads for monitoring the heart like a hospital uses to look at the different areas of the heart and helps the medical worker determine how the heart is functioning.

“Besides providing a tool for paramedics that will help improve patient care, the machine will also provide information that can automatically be transferred to patient reports,” McManaman said.

The new units will come from Enerspect and cost $17,000 each. Another company was considered but their units were $32,000 apiece so they were not considered.

The units will replace Life Pack 10s that were purchased back in 1995.

Pratt County EMS still has other Phillips units that were purchased in 2009 and intends to do a software upgrade on those units but they are still working on logistics for that project.

Another improvement on the horizon will be the installation of the next generation of 911 dispatch terminals.

The new system will use geo spatial routing technology similar to that used in cell phones. The new system will handle mapping and provide new aerial photography. Cost for the new equipment is about $18,000 per operator. Pratt Law Enforcement Center has two stations so it will cost around $36,000 for the two new stations that are expected sometime in the next two years.

Cost for the new 911 equipment is covered with a 53 cents a month tax on land and cell phone lines. In 2014, Pratt County EMS received $61,000 from this tax.

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