PowerFilm, Inc. has developed an “E&P” Magnetic Solar Panel for the emergency responder industry through an exclusive agreement with SoundOff Signal, manufacturer of quality emergency, bus and commercial vehicle safety products.

The company said municipalities can use the “E&P” Magnetic Solar Panel to save fuel and emergency vehicle replacement costs and to help meet carbon emissions standards.

The flexible solar module has a magnetic backing that affixes to the roofs of cars and trucks and can be tied directly in to a vehicle’s electrical system. Uninterrupted solar power eliminates the need for police cars and other public safety vehicles to idle constantly to draw on the battery.

Studies show one hour of idle time in a police car equates to burning one gallon of gasoline and putting 33 miles of wear and tear on the vehicle. Industry statistics also indicate batteries are replaced two times annually on average in police cars, with car life typically only two to three years.

PowerFilm tested its flexible “E&P” Magnetic Solar Panel with police agencies to verify its effectiveness. Details can be requested through the “contact us” page at www.powerfilmsolar.com or through SoundOff Signal.

“The dual pressures of tight public safety budgets combined with the high cost of gas make the PowerFilm ‘E&P’ Magnetic Solar Panel a commonsense solution for emergency responders,” said Tom Palumbo, vice president sales and marketing at SoundOff Signal.

“With more than 30 years in business, SoundOff Signal has a big footprint in the emergency responder, fleet vehicle and trucking industries,” said PowerFilm’s Neugent. “Its reputation for game-changing ingenuity and product development makes it a perfect choice to market our ‘E&P’ Magnetic Solar Panel and other PowerFilm solar products.”

PowerFilm, Inc. of Ames, Iowa is a developer and manufacturer of thin, flexible solar panels based on a proprietary low cost production process.

Hudsonville, Mich.-based SoundOff Signal offers safety lighting solutions for law enforcement vehicles and school buses, plus products for fire and volunteer needs. For information, go to www.soundoffsignal.com.

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