Power Systems Has Combination Pto Pump/Generator

Power Systems has developed a combination hydraulic power unit and generator that uses one pto drive.
Power Systems has developed a combination hydraulic power unit and generator that uses one pto drive. The product, called the XRT Onan Protec Combi is a combination hydraulic pump for rescue tools and a generator, producing up to 40,000 watts of electricity simultaneously.

Giving firefighters and emergency response personnel power to run the tools they need to do their jobs, Power Systems has developed the XRT Onan Protec Combi generator, the only unit of its kind that delivers electric and hydraulic power using only one pto port on vehicle transmissions.

The patented XRT Combi ensures connectivity with rescue tools from all tool manufacturers, allowing response personnel the freedom to choose the best tools to meet their needs, according to Power Systems. Other power systems restrict operators by forcing them to use tools from one specific manufacturer.

While using only one pto port on a vehicle’s transmission, leaving the remaining ports free for other critical functions, the XRT Combi is capable of simultaneously powering up to three hydraulic cutting, spreading and extrication tools, as well as power lighting, reel tools and other electrical accessories, according to the maker.

Designed for installation on new vehicles, as well as trouble-free retrofitting of vehicles already in use, the XRT Combi is easy to set-up and operate, and delivers the extremely fast response times that can literally make the difference between a safe rescue and a preventable tragedy, according to the manufacturer.

“The XRT Combi was developed to address the overwhelmingly frequent request for a single industrial power system capable of accommodating any and all hydraulic extrication tools on the market,” said Robert Hansen, president, XRT Power Systems. “Our innovative, patented design is the most versatile system on the market, consistently delivering the shortest time between arrival and extrication.”

The XRT Combi electric generator, which is based on the Onan Protec diesel generator, is available with power ranges from 15,000- to 40,000-watts and is designed for quiet, cool, continuous duty running in even the worst conditions, according to the maker.

The XRT device delivers up to 10,500 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi), and is designed to provide power for electrical devices as well as the simultaneous operation of rescue tools at distances of up to 100-feet from the Combi unit.

Specifications include a patented dual-stage continuous duty pump, stainless steel high-pressure fittings and a three-gallon reservoir with a built-in filter.

The XRT Combi pump weighs 42 pounds and is housed in a 10-inch deep by 15-inch wide by 14-inch high enclosure. The reservoir is 6.5 inches deep by 12 inches wide and 12 inches high, and the open center valves are 3.75-inches deep x 2.75-inches wide x 4-inches high.

The XRT Onan Protec Combi, which are available for manufacturers and dealers throughout the United States and Canada, includes a 2-year warranty.

XRT Power Systems, based in Marblehead, Mass., is a manufacturer of high quality platform-based hydraulic rescue tool power pumps, which are compatible with all rescue tools and hose types.

Product categories include diesel-driven generators, twin bearing pto-driven generators and pto- driven pumps.

For information call 800-343-0480 or go to www.xrtcombi.com.

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