Power-Packer Offers Hydraulic Motion Control for Fire Apparatus Tilt Cabs

Power-Packer, a manufacturer of custom hydraulic position and motion control solutions, is exhibiting their Hydraulic Cab Tilt and Hose Bed Cover Lift Systems for fire apparatus at the FDIC International Show April 20-25 in Indianapolis.

The Hydraulic Cab Tilt Systems are designed to meet the challenge of lifting heavy fire apparatus cabs. Power-Packer combines their hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and latches to create a better fitting system that delivers the performance, efficiency and safety required to access critical under cab components. Choose from a wide range of single or double acting cylinders with bore sizes from 1.25” to 3.0”.

Pumps are offered in multiple configurations, including electric, air assist, or manual. Hydraulic latches secure cabs and covers for safe travel. Our unique patented design improves safety with a latch indicator – either a visual pin or electrical system that indicates the latch position. You can create the cab tilt system that seamlessly fits into your apparatus.

Power-Packer’s new Hydraulic Hose Bed Cover Lift system provides simple one button operation to lift one or both covers, making a firefighter’s job just a little easier. The system uses specialized mini cylinders, a 12V DC pump with 1 gallon reservoir, and a dual directional control with manual override. Mounting brackets can be customized to meet your requirements.

Explore the benefits of doing business with Power-Packer. Power-Packer’s sales, engineering, quality and customer service groups are dedicated to providing solutions for all customers, no matter how complex their needs. In addition to following ISO9000 standards, we offer prompt, personalized service and long-lasting, high quality product.

To learn more about our hydraulic motion control systems for fire & rescue applications, stop by Booth #8718 at the show, contact Steve Stein at steven.stein@powerpackerus.com or call 800-745-4142.

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