Powassan (Ontario, Canada) Receives Donated 105-Foot Aerial

The apparatus, which is housed at Station 1, is 20 years old and arrived just before Christmas.

The newest addition to the Powassan (Ontario, Canada) Fire Department’s fleet is Ladder 1, a 105-foot aerial donated by two people, Frank Giannopoulos and Tom McEvoy.

The apparatus, which is housed at Station 1, is 20 years old and arrived at the department just before Christmas.

“Christmas came a bit early this year for the Municipality of Powassan Fire Department!” Powassan Mayor Peter McIsaac says on Facebook. “Thanks to the generosity of two benefactors, Mr. Frank Giannopoulos and Mr. Tom McEvoy, the MPFD received a donation of a 105-foot aerial fire apparatus! This unit will be based out of Station 1 in Powassan and will greatly increase the MPFD’s ability to effect rescues and fight large scale fires in our municipality.”

The two men purchased the apparatus at an auction with the intent to use it for commercial purposes. The business venture didn’t pan out, and they decided to donate it to the department, according to a report in nugget.ca. It arrived at the department ready to be put into service, though crews are still training on it.

A new apparatus of this aerial’s ilk would normally cost well more than $1 million, but the department took delivery of it for under $200—just the cost of an emissions test and a license plate, the report says.

It’s the department’s first aerial.

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