Potoski MO Fire Chief Injured in Fire Apparatus Accident

Potoski (MO) Fire Chief Rick Knight was seriously injured when a tanker fire truck overturned in Washington County.

Knight, who was driving, started to veer to the right shoulder, and overcorrected. This move caused the water in the tank to shift, and the truck was pulled to the left side of the road, rolling down the highway and overturn.

He was taken to St. Anthony’s Medical Center in south St. Louis County with serious injuries, including broken bones.

“Rick has been our chief for the past six years had done an excellent job has a lot of training, he’s a good coordinator, has a lot of experience, he’s a hazmat, he’s just a good guy overall,” says department board member and volunteer firefighter Randy Eaton.

“We had to use the jaws to get him out, he was stuck, he was pretty much pinned,” describes Eaton. “We used the spreaders to open the doors, spread the doors open and we could get him out, he did have some contusions to his head.”

The tanker was full of water, carrying 2,000 gallons, which adds more than 16,000 pounds to the vehicle.

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